Annie Oakley Hand Sanitizer 2.16oz

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Annie Oakley Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

65 ml / 2.16 oz pour
Never be without protection! Shield your hands from germs with a new gold standard Hand Sanitizer.
    • Alcohol Antiseptic 80%
    • Topical Solution
    • Fast Acting Antiseptic
    • Leaves Hands Soft and Smooth
    • Unscented
    • Water Thin Formula
    • Formulated in Accordance with FDA and WHO Recommendations
    • Liquid hand rub formula
    • Manufactured in USA at Annie Oakley Perfumery

 generous amount to palm of hand. Rub covering all parts of both hands and in between fingers until dry. Hand Sanitizer can be applied as frequently as desired.

Active 80% v/v alcohol with moisturizing soothing glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and purified water.

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